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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...Making mice and cards:)...

Whew, I finally have a spare second to sit down and update on all our creative projects. Oh wait...I don't 'have' time, I'm taking/making time:). Anyway since the end of last week, we finished our quilting project. All that remains to do it sewing it together. I'll add the link that will tell you all about it once it's updated, but to put it short and sweet, the kids are learning about third world countries and all the people that are helping out. They are also learning about freedom rights, so for 2 days during art period each child made 2 squares, which reflected on helping people out, being nice to others, freedom rights etc. I can't wait to see the finished project and I'll be sure to add a picture. (It could take a while though, lol)
We started working on our 'mice'. They're looking so cute already. I found the project at http://www.allfreecrafts.com/kids/clothespin-mouse.shtml and thought it was pretty cute so I put my own little twists on it and away we went. Instead of using clothes pins we took paper towel rolls and shaped them into cones and used that instead. It turned out great. We also didn't use any thread or needles, we did everything with hot glue, and so far it's turning out OK:). The younger ones are totally in like with their mice, they finished theirs yesterday:)
Today we're having a Crafting Sisters class. Last year I started a scrapbooking/card making class with all the girls. Each of the older girls have a younger student, which they are supposed to help if needed, and to share ideas with, thus the Crafting Sister name. They seem to really enjoy it, although it takes quite a while to get a project done. We are currently working on a set of 6 cards, that the girls will give as a gift to someone once we are done. The boys saw how much fun we were having and decided they wanted to make cards to:) So they're also working on a card today too, for they're Moms :). We try and keep it as in the middle of masculine/feminine as we can when it comes to making the cards, but sometimes you just can't help but let the feminine side shine through lol! Me or my sister make an example of the card, have all the supplies ready that we need, so they basically just need to cut, measure some stuff, and glue. I'll be adding pictures just as soon as I have them uploaded to a computer! Enjoy the mouse project, I'll upload my 'tweaked' directions later on also. Let creativity flow!:)


jachelle said...

awe I LOVE the mouse!!!!

oh...and I linked your blog. Hmm you 'might' end up with more traffic here then too. Hopefully.

hand N hand said...

awwwww....the mouse was so fun to make. The cards looks super!