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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From Mice 2 Cards

Mouse Directions

What You Will Need:
• empty paper towel roll
• scraps of fabric
• small amount of lace
• a few black bristles from a broom or paintbrush or black embroidery thread for whiskers
• three black beads
• small amount of grey or light brown felt (any color will do)
• tiny amount of stuffing or a cotton ball
• scissors
• needle and thread
• hot glue and hot glue sticks
• copy of printed pattern
Print the mouse pattern, then cut out the pieces. Trace each piece on felt or fabric, as indicated, and cut the required number of each piece, including a small 1’’ by 1’’ square to cover top of roll where face will be. Shape roll into a cone shape. Glue together with hot glue. Run a line of glue along one straight edge of the nose pattern and put it against the other long edge, forming a cone shape. Glue the opening of the cone to the round part of the roll. Glue the flat, hemmed area of a length of lace all around the wrong side of the fabric circle for the hat. Thread the needle and sew a basting stitch around the hem of the lace, leaving a length of thread at both ends. Pull both threads so the fabric circle gathers up into a hat shape and knot the threads together. (Try making ruffles with glue gun instead of using needle and thread.Put a dot of hot glue on fabric and pinch together) Place a small amount of stuffing inside the hat, then glue the hat on the back of the roll so that it covers the top of the clothespin and the lace surrounds the mouse face. Glue lace to the wrong side of the dress edge. Glue another length of lace to the right side of the dress as a collar. Place the top of the dress below the mouse face and glue to cone. Glue the back of the dress together. Put a small dot of glue at the top of each arm. Slide the top of each arm under the lace collar and glue to the dress fabric in the desired position. Put a small amount of glue along the bottom edge of each ear and pinch together to curve into an ear shape. Add a little more glue, and attach both ears to the head, just in front of the lace hat and above the felt nose. Can also attach on top of hat if you want to. Run a line of glue all along the straight edge of the tail, right down to the point, then roll lengthwise to make the tail. Glue the tail to the back of the clothespin so that it can be seen coming out from under the dress. Put a small dot of glue onto a spare bit of felt or paper. Put a dot of hot glue onto bead then gently position it on the nose (just in front of an ear) as one of the eyes. Repeat with another bead to make the other eye. Do the same for the nose at the point of the mouse head. Glue one or two broom or paintbrush bristles (or black embroidery thread) to the mouse cheek, as whiskers.

1st and 2nd pic-crafting sister cards
3rd and 4th pic-boys rose card for Moms
5th pic-mouse from directions above

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hand N hand said...

the mice are so cute-in a wacky way :) They were fun to make!