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Hi! Wow I can't believe you honored my blog with your presence:P YOU'RE AWESOME! (Truly:D). ~First and most importantly Jesus is my ~hero♥~ & running at close second, I am an Aunty to FOUR adorable, awesome, precious girls, and ONE gorgeous boy, whom I adore :D....That's all there is to know about me...SRSLY :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

God whispers:

When insecurities chase us we all need to hear...that we matter...that we belong...that we're ENOUGH...

so God whispers:

"Stop, rest, come.
Let me hold you close.
Let me tell you what your heart needs to hear...
You're enough because I've promised you all you need.
You belong because I've chosen you.
You're beautiful because I made you.
You've got a purpose because I'm directing your life.
You're secure because I've got you--
I'll never let you go."

I may not know what waits for you this next week but I know the One who will be with you every moment and I'm asking Him to give you all your heart needs most. ~[♥2♥with Holly]~

Hope you all have an awesome week...N don't let anyoneever tell you your not good enough....that you're not enough...because you are:) MUAH

On my agenda for the next week: Last butchering for a while:), LOTS of sewing...thinking about concert preparations...school...etc....all good stuff:) ~God Blessッ~


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Hand n Hand said...

concert prep?! whew..Yea i guess that is around the corner...