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Hi! Wow I can't believe you honored my blog with your presence:P YOU'RE AWESOME! (Truly:D). ~First and most importantly Jesus is my ~hero♥~ & running at close second, I am an Aunty to FOUR adorable, awesome, precious girls, and ONE gorgeous boy, whom I adore :D....That's all there is to know about me...SRSLY :D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A father is someone who listens with his heart, speaks with his hugs, and teaches not by words but by example. -unkown
So Father's Day is just around the corner...We've been working on a father's day gift with the students. I wanted to make it bigger...But then I decided that Home Decor is for Mom's...Why not make something they can hang in their pick-ups...They turned out better than I had hoped they would. So now they'll have something cool to put in their pick-ups from their kiddos:), to remind them that they are always loved♥...They were completely excited to make these and it was so easy! My brother had the wood pre-cut for us, I got it from Rona. It's panelling of some sort I believe. The words on there are printed on transparencies and then Mod Podged to the wood. When we had the words glued on we cut out a strip of leather about 7'' long and hot glued the jump ring to the top, the blocks, and the beads with two feathers stuck in the holes. I got the jump rings from Dollarama (40 pieces in the bag) and also the feathers. When it was all put together we gave the blocks another coating of Mod Podge, just to seal it off.
Next we're going to make cards for the Dad and then we are all set with a gift for our wonderful Dads. I'm posting it early because I think there's no way that any of the Dads will see it on here, and just in case anyone needs a cute, thoughtful gift for father's day!

Graduation season is also around the corner...Busy making cards...or trying too....Mojo is majorly lacking but I did manage to put one together that I fairly like...Ehs veht besso vedn! :) But anywayyy Congrats to the Class of '10. You're hard work paid of, now you can join the rest of us educated people in the real world!:D LOL jk! Dehs homp geut getoue!:) Congrats on a job well done!:)
I'm still deciding if I want to move my blog to a differnt blogging site since I'm not sure I like the set up of this one...Uploading photos for one...Once you have them there you can't move them, accept up or down...Ich gleich dohs nit...obo maybe I'll stick it out! Ehs veht flacht ach besso vedn!

I've been spening most of the nice evenings at our awesome river...Fishing...It's unbelievably relaxing and there is nothing better than being able to soak up God's awesomeness at a quite serene spot with beautiful scenery. If I'm not fishing I'm taking long walks with my sisters and Mom, doing garden work (hoeing, planting), working in our flower garden, helping out at school and all the rest of the jobs of an ordinary Hutterite dien:)...God is awesome...Life is good:) Take care all:) Happy happy summer:)♥...



Hand n Hand said...

awesome idea for a fathers day gift.. the card looks super awsome!! and fishing rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, good job on the card, it looks awesome!! :) I've been 'soaking up God's awesomeness' too....how's your tan coming along? :)