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Friday, March 26, 2010

'Fimo' rabbits and then some!

Hmmmm i have a slight feeling this blog is getting 'some' traffic...and only a few people take the time to leave feedback...How should this blogger be feeling!?! lol:)When you do pass through here, please leave a hi or some feedback...Not to hard now is it...I would really appreciate it...Good...Knew you would see it my way:).

We finished out Easter scenes yesterday and had the contest this afternoon. We had 2 first places one for the younger class and one for the older children, just to keep it fair. Like I said before from youngest to oldest they all enjoyed this clay art.The younger ones did some more fun easter art this morning. They made Fimo rabbits, of course these aren't made out of Fimo, but rather from Model Magic and Crayola clay. (You can get both of these from Wal-Mart). The rabbits turned out reallyyyyy cute, and after they were done creating they Mod Podged them. (You can also get this from Wal-Mart) It's a craft glue/sealer etc and works for all kinds of crafts.) The idea for these rabbits comes from this blog post at Madimaginations by Maddy. -Thanks Maddy for this awesome idea! Read more on our 'Fimo' rabbits here.

Also soon to come...Easy tutorial and more pics on our next project with the children after spring break...~Magic Explosion Box~

Happy Easter and Spring Break y'all...Enjoy the holidays!

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Hand n Hand said...

Awesome job on the clay art! The rabbits look awesome. Thanks for posting :)Happy spring break :P