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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...3 weddings, 3 hulbas, and 3 farewells later

3 wedding, 3 hulbas, and 3 farewells later, I am relieved to say that, our wedding season is over, for the time being anyway. It was GREAT fun, working together, practicing together (most days till 10 when we did start practicing our black lights), decorating, making candy bags, everything that goes with prepping for a wedding! The couples were all beautiful, the food, a lot of it was sinfully good, the people, gonz teisch fei! Man I wish I could remember everything! I wish I had to words to describe it all, but alas, most of it left me speechless;).
A HUGE thank you, to all the people, who helped out, espec, GH for lending us their black lights, and for helping us celebrate everything:) ;). Was awesome!
Summers been good, lots of camp fires, gist, awesome weather, a lot of work:) Just PERFECT:)


Divinity said...

over???????? :p

♥sMiLeAlwAys【ツ】 said...

notice the `for the time being` :P

jul said...

love all your pics! the decorations look very sophisticated :)