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Friday, May 6, 2011

'mId-LiFe' cRiSiS

I cringe at the thought of having to face another few
hours in front of a sewing machine that most certainly has it out for me... I had eagerly started out on my first dress for my niece Jaycee just the day before, only to leave the sewing room fuming...(Which I might add takes a lot) Normally, I'm very cool and collected:P Ha. So a simple little dress which should have probably taken for sure no longer then one or two days of after school, took me double that. GRRRR I was so frusterated, and then out of the blue our Serger starts acting up once again!

I say mid-life crisis for both of them...
Throw them out of a 15th story window...
Ignore their existence...


But inspite of it all I really like how the dress turned out...

And here's my new rug... "Sandy Beaches:D"

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Hand n Hand said...

ehs weht lieb lohsn af ihuh!!!!♥
awesome rug girl!