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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~ Sincerely; Sick Of Winter ~


dEaR mR. gRounD hOg...
You BETTER be prepared 2 face a sWaT team next yr,
n we're goNna gRab you by your uGly whiskErS, pull you out of your wiNteR-lOviN' hole, dRaG you tHrouGh the sNow n you BETTER not have the aUdAcity to see your uGly sHaDow :(... *evil grin

Sincerely; You're Dead 2 Me and Sick Of Winter :D

(Bare with me, as this is my first venting post since the
birth of this blog...Knew you'd understand;) lol


Hand n Hand said...


Divinity said...

it's not that bad, is it??? and i don't even LIKE winter! :p

♥sMiLeAlwAys【ツ】 said...

lol winter's tolerable...just feels long already:D vasttt seeing visions of flowers, n flip flops, n tans in my head already;)

Anna said...

well I just got myself a microplush quilt, so i'm set for life......now I don't care how long winter is :) LOL

♥sMiLeAlwAys【ツ】 said...

but you cant wear ur mirco plush quilt everywhere!!!:P lol

i totally don't mind it... it just seems long already:)....ready to dig around in the dirt n plant sum flowers:D

Anna said...

I can't wait to squish my toes in the sand