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Hi! Wow I can't believe you honored my blog with your presence:P YOU'RE AWESOME! (Truly:D). ~First and most importantly Jesus is my ~hero♥~ & running at close second, I am an Aunty to FOUR adorable, awesome, precious girls, and ONE gorgeous boy, whom I adore :D....That's all there is to know about me...SRSLY :D

Sunday, January 30, 2011

-*-sOunDtRacK 2 yOur liFe-*-

Lately more often then not, I'm lost in a world of music... When it's me n my ear phones against the world...I'm lifted up...Inspired...Motivated...I'm lost in a world of words expressing the inexpressible :).

I love music ♪...It keeps me ~sane~ ;) :D

So anyway the other day while I was browsing for a soundtrack I was thinking...

If your life was a movie...What would the your soundtrack be like?

~When we hold our nieces/nephews for the first time strains of ~ I'll laugh with you, cry with you and put my arms around you when you cry fill our hearts♪~. When our loved ones are taken away ~we've never been more homesick then now~. When we give our lives to Jesus ~ we set out anchor down in Peaceful Harbor.~ There comes a time in life when your friends move on without you and ~phone calls go from weeks to months, and to haven't heard from you in years~... We try to make sense of circumstances and we wonder ~where we would be if You didn't love us~... And when ~we are at Jesus feet~ we feel at peace and it seems like nothing can go wrong in our world, n it's moments like these when you feel like your in the arms of Jesus♥.

So what I'm saying is for every circumstance in life theres a song, that says what you can't even begin to explain... If your last year had a soundtrack, what songs would you pick? Which songs kept you sane, made you feel like you were making a difference, lifted you up, spoke to you, seemed like it was written just for you...

Srsly...Ich vihls vissn...Cuz I care♥...:D

(Tell me yours I'll tell you mine :D )
*N it doesn't matter if there's a depressing song on your soundtrack, or one that others would look down on...
What matters is, you're here, You matter to Jesus...N He loves you no matter what:) ♥*

~My sOuNdtRacK~
(For the duration of the last yr)

1) Visitor From Heaven - Twila Paris
2) Peaceful Harbor - Ray Boltz
3) Where Would I Be - Brian Doerkson
4) Walking Alone - Jay Sean
5) To The River - Brian Doerkson
5) Jesus Hold Me Now - Casting Crowns
6) At Your Feet - Casting Crowns
7) Country Strong - Gwenyth Paltrow
8) I Need You To Love Me - Barlow Girl
9) Trail In Life - Dean Brody
10) Marching On - Timbaland
11) A Heart Like Mine - Miranda Lambert
12) True Colors - Kaylan Porter
13) Things That People Say - Lady A
14) He Is With You - Mandisa

* PS note to reader - This may be a ploy to get some good new music titles/artists :D... lol jk jk... I'm srsly interested:)..

- I'm weird like that ;) -

Lets hear your soundtrack:)

PSS - It can range fom nywhere of 1 or 2 songs to 10 :)....

Unt hits geh ich vehk foedn:D...Can't wait to see my Kaylee♥ :D


Hand n Hand said...

Hey dos lohsn goodera liedeleh :) I like ur post :) but right now the
music I wanna hear is silence just so my mind can catch up to the rest
of my body.. If that even makes sense :)but songs I recently have on
playlist r some love songs cuz even when everything seems to go wrong
love is there to carry u through n at the end of the day it gives u
courage n hope to face whatever u have to. Love ya sis

Anna said...

wow that's a tough one gurl......how about we just swap mp3 players and you'll get a good taste of 'my soundtrack' LOL

although I think our choices would be very different......my all time favorite right now is that Chris Cummings song - Leavin' Not An Option Anymore........that song is absolutely phenomenal

♥sMiLeAlwAys【ツ】 said...

lol...i would... but im not sure my itouch could handle more then a few hours away from me:P ha...yoh its clingy like that;) lol

differrenttt eh? it could be, but heyyy i like a lil of everything...depends on what mood im in i think:P
PS cant find it nywhere so i cant listen to it:( sniff sniff lol

Anna said...

ich tat's doh shikn' ober ich hob dah email address fahludn :) I always forget to add it to my address book

♥sMiLeAlwAys【ツ】 said...

lol ill hit ur inbox, i think i have yours:P this time save sah;) Lol

♥sMiLeAlwAys【ツ】 said...

Anna, the songs is gooder:) thanks :)

jul said...

like this post :) would like to hear some of the songs... and i'll send you one of my 'soundtracks'